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Weimar and Now: German Cultural Criticism (Series Completed)

This series is now complete. The following volumes are in print, but no further volumes will be issued.
The Third Reich Sourcebook by Anson Rabinbach, Sander L. Gilman

The Third Reich Sourcebook

  • by Anson Rabinbach (Author), Sander L. Gilman (Author)
  • July 2013
  • Paperback $85.00, £71.00|
    Hardcover $150.00,  £125.00|
    eBook $85.00,  £71.00
Metropolis Berlin by Iain Boyd Whyte, David Frisby

Metropolis Berlin: 1880–1940

  • by Iain Boyd Whyte (Editor), David Frisby (Editor)
  • November 2012
  • Hardcover $85.00,  £71.00|
    eBook $85.00,  £71.00