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Global Studies

Global Studies

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<Remembering Children’s Rights

Remembering Children’s Rights

In the spirit of Human Rights Day and in light of the treatment of unaccompanied and separated minor immigrants around the world, we share an excerpt by Jacqueline Bhabha from Humanitarianism and …

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<Asylum Seekers: Lives in Transit

Asylum Seekers: Lives in Transit

The recent tear gassing of Central American asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border serves as a stark reminder to us all of the reasons for why people seek asylum in the first …

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<Global Perspectives: A Q&A with Editor-in-Chief Helmut Anheier

Global Perspectives: A Q&A with Editor-in-Chief Helmut Anheier

Helmut K. Anheier is Professor of Sociology at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and the Max Weber Institute at Heidelberg University, Germany. He also has academic appointments at the London …

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