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Global Studies

Global Studies

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<Miami: The Global City

Miami: The Global City

Sociologist Alejandro Portes spoke with Richard Florida of CityLab to discuss Miami’s role in the global community. Portes, the author of The Global Edge: Miami in the Twenty-First Century with Ariel C. …

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<Nicolas Berggruen on Why We Must Renovate Democracy

Nicolas Berggruen on Why We Must Renovate Democracy

Is democracy broken? Nicolas Berggruen, coauthor with Nathan Gardels of Renovating Democracy: Governing in the Age of Globalization and Digital Capitalism, is interviewed by Nick Bilton on Inside the Hive from Vanity …

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<Living in a No Go World

Living in a No Go World

What are the implications of making more and more parts of the world into “danger zones”? On BBC’s Thinking Allowed,  Laurie Taylor discusses this issue with Ruben Andersson— anthropologist, winner of BBC …

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