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From Our Blog

  • <Interview with Jana Lipman, author of <i>In Camps</i>

    Interview with Jana Lipman, author of In Camps

    We’re proud to share that the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations has awarded Jana Lipman honorable mention, Ferrell Book Prize for In Camps: Vietnamese Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Repatriates! Learn …

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  • <<i>Case Studies in the Environment</i> Announces Winners of 2020 Prize Competition

    Case Studies in the Environment Announces Winners of 2020 Prize Competition

    “we ultimately found Kathleen Rugel’s piece particularly compelling, as it clearly conveyed the role of key stakeholders in addressing the incredibly fraught politics of transboundary water management, as well as suggesting lessons that could be applied to similar situations in the future”

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  • <Musical Meaning: Is There Such a Thing?

    Musical Meaning: Is There Such a Thing?

    By Lawrence Kramer, author of Musical Meaning: Toward a Critical History                                         In his classic study of perception, the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty describes the experience of listening to a classical sonata, which …

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  • <A Q&A with J. Paul Goode, Editor-in-Chief of <i>Communist and Post-Communist Studies</i>

    A Q&A with J. Paul Goode, Editor-in-Chief of Communist and Post-Communist Studies

    Though we are well past the era of European transitions from communist rule, post-communist states and societies continue to react to the experience of rupture. In politics, these influences persist in the populist revolts against neoliberalism and globalization, or the manipulation of collective memory and myth-making of the communist era.

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