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    Confronting Climate Anxiety

    Sarah Jaquette Ray has created Gen Z's “existential tool kit” for combating eco-guilt and burnout while advocating for climate justice. A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety confronts the greatest environmental threat of our time. Learn More >

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    Ideas with Impact

    Scholarship is a powerful tool for changing how people think, plan, and govern. By giving voice to bright minds and bold ideas, we seek to foster understanding and drive progressive change. Learn More

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    Spatial Sciences

    Case Studies from the Spacial Sciences, a Case Studies in the Environment special issue from the University of Southern California's Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute. Learn More>

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    Support Independent Publishing

    The UC Press Foundation raises funds to uphold the Press’s vital role as an independent, nonprofit publisher, and receives philanthropic support from a wide range of individuals and institutions—and from committed readers like you. Learn More >


From Our Blog

  • <Controlling Typhoid Mary

    Controlling Typhoid Mary

    As the billions of people around the global under shelter in place orders are discovering, public health has significant power to restrict our liberty in times of crisis. But what are the …

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  • <Luminos Open Access: Music Studies Spotlight

    Luminos Open Access: Music Studies Spotlight

    Since first launching in 2015, Luminos has served as one of UC Press’s flagship open access programs. Having published more than seventy-five full length scholarly monographs—fully open and available to the public for free— …

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  • <Call for Papers: COVID-19 and the Anthropocene

    Call for Papers: COVID-19 and the Anthropocene

    The global coronavirus pandemic has already affected most of the planet in innumerable ways. Beyond its devastating human health toll, we are witnessing atmospheric, resource use, ecological, cultural, economic, and political consequences materializing in many places and at a scale that is unprecedented and difficult to grasp.

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  • <For OAH, Executive Editor Niels Hooper Shares Virtual Conference Highlights

    For OAH, Executive Editor Niels Hooper Shares Virtual Conference Highlights

    The Organization of American Historians annual conference has become ever-more interesting and important, and 2020’s meeting promised to be especially so – focusing on histories of equality and inequality in an American …

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