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<Q&A with Aaron Eddens, author of <i>Seeding Empire</i>

Q&A with Aaron Eddens, author of Seeding Empire

In Seeding Empire, Aaron Eddens rewrites an enduring story about the past—and future—of global agriculture. Eddens connects today’s efforts to cultivate a “Green Revolution in Africa” to a history of American projects …

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<Labeling “Healthy” Food

Labeling “Healthy” Food

Xaq Frohlich, author of FROM LABEL TO TABLE, explores what it means to label food “healthy”.

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<Q&A with Merry (Corky) White & Benjamin Wurgaft

Q&A with Merry (Corky) White & Benjamin Wurgaft

Wurgaft and White—son and mother—make delightful company as they guide us through everything from the birth of agriculture to the lamination in a croissant in modern-day Tokyo. From the origins of agriculture …

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