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<Now in Paperback

Now in Paperback

This Fall season UC Press is pleased to be publishing paperback editions of critically acclaimed texts from leading scholars, with topics ranging from histories of 20th-century fascist and contemporary populist movements, to …

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<On Lunch Shaming

On Lunch Shaming

As California joins other states in seeking to end lunch shaming through legislation, the conversation turns importantly towards a national solution. Jennifer E. Gaddis’s timely new book, The Labor of Lunch: Why …

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<Upcoming Talks with Adia Harvey Wingfield, author of <i>Flatlining</i>

Upcoming Talks with Adia Harvey Wingfield, author of Flatlining

“I’ve always been interested as a sociologist and a researcher in trying to better understand how issues related to race, gender, and inequality persist in professional workplaces.” — Adia Harvey Wingfield, author …

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