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<Decolonizing Histories of Genetics?

Decolonizing Histories of Genetics?

An Interview with M. Susan Lindee and Warwick Anderson, co-editors of HSNS‘s new special issue, “Pacific Biologies: How Humans Become Genetic“ During the past decade and more, there have been many historical …

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<Essential Guides for California Nature Lovers

Essential Guides for California Nature Lovers

In California, early fall is perhaps the best time of the year to get out and explore. Here are some of our bestselling guides and perennial favorites for exploring the state’s wilderness and wildlife.

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<Interview with Amy Aines, author of <i>Championing Science</i>

Interview with Amy Aines, author of Championing Science

This post was originally featured on Anne Janzer’s website, and has been reblogged with permission. Amy Aines is a skilled communications expert on a mission to help scientists communicate ideas that matter …

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