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As a nonprofit organization, UC Press relies on generous contributions from donors who champion exceptional independent publishing, critical thinking, and bold creativity. Your contributions to the UC Press Foundation greatly assist the Press in attracting the finest authors, maintaining high-quality production values, and offseting costs to help keep books widely accessible to readers worldwide.

Donors who make gifts of $100 and above receive special membership benefits and discounts. Gifts of $1,000 and above may be designated toward a specific publication, and donors will be recognized in the first pages of the book. You may also choose to underwrite a group or series of publications in a particular subject with a gift of $25,000 or more. A modest portion of all gifts is applied to the Foundation’s administrative overhead.


$100 annual contribution

  • One complimentary UC Press book
  • 20% discount on UC Press books
  • Subscription to Member e-newsletter
  • Special email notifications
  • Priority invitations to UC Press events
  • Acknowledgment in Annual Report and on UC Press website


$250 annual contribution

All Friend-level benefits, plus:

  • Two complimentary UC Press books
  • 30% discount on UC Press books


$500 annual contribution

All Sponsor-level benefits, plus:

  • Three complimentary UC Press books
  • 35% discount on UC Press books

Director's Circle

$1,000 annual contribution

All Patron-level benefits, plus:

  • Name recognition in annual Director’s Circle book

Chairman's Circle

$2,500 annual contribution

All Patron-level benefits, plus:

  • Name recognition in annual Chairman’s Circle book
  • 40% discount on UC Press books

Literati Circle

$5,000 annual contribution

All Chairman’s Circle benefits, plus:

  • Name recognition in annual Literati Circle book
  • Invitation to annual luncheon with UC Press staff and authors

Publisher's Circle

$10,000 annual contribution

All Literati Circle benefits, plus:

  • Name recognition in annual Publisher’s Circle book
  • Name recognition in additional book selected in accordance with member’s interest

When you join the UC Press Foundation at the Friend level or above, you will receive a discount code that will remain active for one year. You may use the code when placing orders on the UC Press website (enter your code in the “Coupon Code” field in the "Order Summary" section) or by calling (800) 343-4499 and providing your code to the customer service representative.

If you’ve misplaced your code, contact Kim Robinson at

Questions regarding donations or membership? Eager to trade book recommendations?

Please contact:
Kim Robinson
Interim Deputy Director of UC Press and the UC Press Foundation

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