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<When Music Came to Life  

When Music Came to Life  

By Lawrence Kramer, author of Music and the Forms of Life The concept of life has a long and complicated history, but its modern version can be said to date to the late …

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<Reflecting on My Thirty Years of Research on Black Music

Reflecting on My Thirty Years of Research on Black Music

By Guthrie Ramsey, author of Who Hears Here? On Black Music Pasts and Present Who Hears Here? is part of the UC Press Phono: Black Music and the Global Imagination series I …

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<Q&A with Simon Morrison , author of <i>Mirror In the Sky</i>

Q&A with Simon Morrison , author of Mirror In the Sky

A stunning musical biography of Stevie Nicks that paints a portrait of an artist, not a caricature of a superstar. Reflective and expansive, Mirror in the Sky situates Stevie Nicks as one of the …

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