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<Q&A with Kaveh Hemmat, translator of <i>The Kushnameh</i>

Q&A with Kaveh Hemmat, translator of The Kushnameh

Kaveh Hemmat is Assistant Professor of History, Professional Faculty, in the Department of History, Philosophy, and Theology at Benedictine University. His research focuses on perceptions and representations of East Asia in premodern Islamicate …

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<Matsuo Bashō: Harvest Moon Haiku

Matsuo Bashō: Harvest Moon Haiku

UC Press is sharing harvest moon haiku in celebration of the Harvest Moon Festival and the forthcoming Bashō: The Complete Haiku of Matsuo Bashō, which offers 980 poems in English. Andrew Fitzsimons’ translation …

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<A Tribute to Judith Butler

A Tribute to Judith Butler

by Mario Telò, Representations Editorial Board It is not an overstatement to say that Judith Butler is the most influential intellectual in the world. Indeed, their work has changed people’s lives, including …

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