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African Studies

African Studies

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<<strong>Q&A with Noah Tsika, author of <em>Cinematic Independence</em></strong>

Q&A with Noah Tsika, author of Cinematic Independence

Noah Tsika is Associate Professor of Media Studies at Queens College, City University of New York. He is contributing editor of Africa Is a Country and the author of several books, including …

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<Council of Editors of Learned Journals names <i>Global Perspectives</i> Best New Journal

Council of Editors of Learned Journals names Global Perspectives Best New Journal

“This is an ambitious new journal on an important, wide-ranging topic. With an impressively diverse editorial board, and a healthy number of section editors, each with their own advisory board, this journal’s structure seems to offer a balance of breadth and depth worthy of the name.”

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<A Q&A with J. Paul Goode, Editor-in-Chief of <i>Communist and Post-Communist Studies</i>

A Q&A with J. Paul Goode, Editor-in-Chief of Communist and Post-Communist Studies

Though we are well past the era of European transitions from communist rule, post-communist states and societies continue to react to the experience of rupture. In politics, these influences persist in the populist revolts against neoliberalism and globalization, or the manipulation of collective memory and myth-making of the communist era.

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