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<Call for Editor: <em>Music Perception</em>

Call for Editor: Music Perception

University of California Press (UC Press) is seeking applicants for editor of the journal Music Perception. The new editorship will begin July 1, 2023 following the end of Editor Kate Stevens’s term.  …

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<Peer Review Week 2022: An interview with <i>Collabra: Psychology’s</i> Eiko Fried

Peer Review Week 2022: An interview with Collabra: Psychology’s Eiko Fried

Openness is necessary to allow the research community, journalists, policy makers, and other stakeholders to evaluate research. Without transparency, only the researchers who carried out the research can evaluate their own findings

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<OA Week 2021: Open Access at UC Press

OA Week 2021: Open Access at UC Press

At UC Press, open access—the free, immediate, unrestricted, online access to peer-reviewed research and scholarly work—is central to our mission to drive progressive change by seeking out and cultivating the brightest minds and giving them voice, reach, and impact.

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