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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

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<Q&A with Walter J. Nicholls, Series Editor of <i>IJURR</i>

Q&A with Walter J. Nicholls, Series Editor of IJURR

The IJURR Book Series has established itself as a cornerstone in the field of global urban studies, pushing the boundaries of critical, interdisciplinary, and theory-driven urban research across the globe. Entering a …

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<Q&A with Aaron Eddens, author of <i>Seeding Empire</i>

Q&A with Aaron Eddens, author of Seeding Empire

In Seeding Empire, Aaron Eddens rewrites an enduring story about the past—and future—of global agriculture. Eddens connects today’s efforts to cultivate a “Green Revolution in Africa” to a history of American projects …

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<How to Unmake the Bomb

How to Unmake the Bomb

By Shannon Cram, author of Unmaking the Bomb: Environmental Cleanup and the Politics of Impossibility “A powerfully researched and important look at the ravages of nuclear waste remediation.”—​One of the Best Indie …

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