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American Studies

American Studies

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<Reimagining Resegregation in the West

Reimagining Resegregation in the West

This guest post is published as part of our blog series related to the Western History Association conference from November 17-20 in San Antonio. #WHA2018 By Alex Schafran, author of The Road …

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<The Future of Labor: <i>Uberland</i> and the Gig Economy

The Future of Labor: Uberland and the Gig Economy

Highlighting issues that face current and future workers, Alex Rosenblat, author of Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work, was in conversation with Sarah Kessler, author of Gigged: The End …

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<A Vast Native World

A Vast Native World

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day, and to celebrate, we share an excerpt from Shaped by the West, Volume 1: A History of North America to 1877, part of a two-volume source reader …

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