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Crossing Aspectual Frontiers

Emergence, Evolution, and Interwoven Semantic Domains in South Conchucos Quechua Discourse

Daniel J. Hintz (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 372 pages
ISBN: 9780520098855
June 2011
$55.00, £46.00
This book presents a comprehensive account of the grammatical expression of aspect and related semantic domains in South Conchucos Quechua, a language of central Peru. Based on naturally-occurring speech, the functional-typological approach applied here integrates the description of the synchronic system in South Conchucos with an investigation of cognitive and communicative forces that have shaped aspect and related categories across the language family.
Daniel J. Hintz is a linguistics researcher with SIL International. He specializes in morphology, discourse, language contact and language change, and Quechuan linguistics.
"Aspect is widely present in most Quechuan languages, but it has been summarily treated or even overlooked in most of the existing descriptive grammars. This book changes that situation completely. It contains detailed discussions of the semantics and the use of aspect in its relation to tense, modality, evidentiality, etc., and opens up a wealth of unexpected data. ...The historical chapters are a most welcome addition to the grammatical analysis because they are highly relevant for our understanding of the development of aspect in other Quechuan languages and in the Quechuan family as a whole." - Willem Adelaar, Leiden University

"This book addresses what is perhaps the most challenging area in the study of Quechuan languages: the scores of suffixes that occur between the verb root and person-marking inflection. It not only sheds light on one of these languages, South Conchucos Quechua, but it shows us new ways to investigate such complexities. This book will stand as a landmark in the study of Quechua." - David Weber, SIL International
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The following SCQ conversation was recorded August 20, 1993 in Huaraz, Peru. Rita and her brother Guillermo talk about events of the previous week. Rita had participated in the annual Tayta Pancho (San Francisco) fiesta in Huaripampa (elevation 10,500 feet) and Guillermo had missed those events due to an obligation in Huaraz. This one-minute conversation segment is taken from a 21 minute recording.

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This spontaneous SCQ conversation was recorded July 7, 2002 in the home of Lita, a resident of the municipality of Huari (pop. circa 2500, elevation 10,000 feet) in central Peru. Felipe lives nearby in Chawpi Loma, a close-knit community of five families located in the puna (high mountain grasslands) at 13,000 feet. Lita was raised in Chawpi Loma. Felipe, Lita, and her son Eli discuss cows and crops in this one-minute segment of a much longer conversation.

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