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World Literature in Translation

A stunning collection of classics from around the globe.

The World Literature in Translation program aims to represent a truly inclusive and expansive view of literature from around the globe. This growing collection features accessible English translations of literature from Eurasia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania, bringing works from neglected or marginalized traditions to new, wide audiences alongside fresh translations of well-known works. Focused on the premodern period, the program embraces “literature” in its broadest sense to include everything from lyric poetry to epic, folktale to history. Each volume is crafted to appeal to casual readers and scholars alike, with elegant modern translations, contextualizing introductions, and helpful but unobtrusive notes.

Ramayana by William Buck


  • by William Buck (Author)
  • June 2021
  • Paperback $17.95, £14.99
The Odes by Pindar

The Odes

  • by Pindar (Author)
  • September 2019
  • Paperback $19.95, £16.99|
    eBook $19.95,  £16.99