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Boreal Birds of North America

A Hemispheric View of Their Conservation Links and Significance, Published for the Cooper Ornithological Society

Jeffrey V. Wells (Editor)

Available worldwide

Hardcover, 160 pages
ISBN: 9780520271005
November 2011
$55.00, £46.00
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Reaching from interior Alaska across Canada to Labrador and Newfoundland, North America’s boreal forest is the largest wilderness area left on the planet. It is critical habitat for billions of birds; more than 300 species regularly breed there. After the breeding season, many boreal birds migrate to seasonal habitats across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. This volume brings together new research on boreal bird biology and conservation. It highlights the importance of the region to the global avifauna and to the connectivity between the boreal forest and ecoregions throughout the Americas. The contributions showcase a unique set of perspectives on the migration, wintering ecology, and conservation of bird communities that are tied to the boreal forest in ways that may not have been previously considered.
Jeffrey V. Wells is Science and Policy Director of the Boreal Songbird Initiative and a Cornell University Visiting Fellow. He is the author of Birder’s Conservation Handbook, Birds of Sapsucker Woods, and Important Bird Areas in New York State.
“A substantial contribution to our understanding of North America’s boreal birds and, especially, their importance in other parts of the Americas. . . . essential to ornithologists not familiar with boreal regions.”—The Auk
"Due to the common features of the north boreal biome, it is interesting to compare this American compilation of the ecology and conservation of the boreal birds with the Finnish and Eurasian studies."—Luonnon Tutkija
“A wonderful book that highlights the globally unique and important boreal forest ecoregion from an avian perspective, with fresh twists. Your ideas about where those migrant and wintering birds in your backyards have come from will be forever changed after you read this.”--Gordon Orians, Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Washington

“One of the planet's most amazing spectacles is the seasonal ebb and flow of migrants from the boreal forests to warmer winter quarters, with stopovers in our neighborhoods in between. This book tells you how connected the world is and what's at risk if we damage any part of it.”--Stuart Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology, Duke University, winner of the 2006 Dr. A. H. Heineken Prize

“This diverse set of contributions about birds that nest in and migrate to and from North America's boreal forest demonstrates the remarkable interconnectedness of ecosystems across the hemispheres and the incredible responsibility we face to protect them.”--Bridget Stutchbury, York University, author of Silence of the Songbirds and The Private Lives of Birds

“The fact that billions of birds breed in North America’s boreal forest is amazing enough, but this assemblage is even more remarkable when understood as playing completely different, major ecological roles across the temperate and tropical Americas during the northern winter. This book definitely will broaden your thinking about ecological connections across the hemisphere and the global-scale phenomenon that crosses our skies twice each year.”--John W. Fitzpatrick, Louis Agassiz Fuertes Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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