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Before Wilde

Sex between Men in Britain’s Age of Reform

Charles Upchurch (Author)

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Hardcover, 288 pages
ISBN: 9780520258532
April 2009
$85.00, £66.00
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This book examines changing perceptions of sex between men in early Victorian Britain, a significant yet surprisingly little explored period in the history of Western sexuality. Looking at the dramatic transformations of the era—changes in the family and in the law, the emergence of the world's first police force, the growth of a national media, and more—Charles Upchurch asks how perceptions of same-sex desire changed between men, in families, and in the larger society. To illuminate these questions, he mines a rich trove of previously unexamined sources, including hundreds of articles pertaining to sex between men that appeared in mainstream newspapers. The first book to relate this topic to broader economic, social, and political changes in the early nineteenth century, Before Wilde sheds new light on the central question of how and when sex acts became identities.
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1. Families and Sex between Men
2. Class, Masculinity, and Spaces

3. Law and Reform in the 1820s
4. Public Men: The Metropolitan Police
5. Unnatural-Assault Reporting in the London Press

6. Patterns within the Changes
7. Conclusion: Character and Medicine

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Charles Upchurch is Associate Professor of History at Florida State University.
“This is a very important book. It may even be a historic book. . . . One reads this book with grateful amazement. . . . Breathtaking.”—Huffington Post
“Fascinating and informative. . . . Upchurch has set a standard for depth and originality of research and creative social analysis.”—Gay City News
“A meticulous study. . . . Illuminating.”—Victorian Studies
“A powerful and persuasive account of male-male sexual relations in the age of reform.”—Denis O’Donovan Men & Masculinities
“A very fine book. Upchurch’s sophisticated work instructively points scholars in new chronological and methodological directions and illustrates how the study of topics ostensibly on the margins might serve to inform our understandings of an ever-shifting center.”—pAuL r. desLAndes University of Vermont Journal Of The History Of Sexuality
"This is a work of great originality that fills a huge gap in the history of homosexuality."—George Robb, author of British Culture and the First World War

"This book fills an aching gap in the history of male homosexuality in Britain, the mid-years of the nineteenth century. Charles Upchurch shows the importance of this period in foreshadowing what was to come in the greater dramas of the late century, signaled by Wilde's disastrous fall. But more than this, the book refuses to see homosexuality as a thing apart. Its history is firmly located in a dense history of families, communities, rapid change, new forms of policing, and social reform. The result is a compelling account that illuminates dark corners, and throws new light on the familiar. It is a major contribution to our understanding of sex between men in a period of dramatic change."—Jeffrey Weeks, author of The World We Have Won: The Remaking of Erotic and Intimate Life

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