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Why Nietzsche Still?

Reflections on Drama, Culture, and Politics

Alan D. Schrift (Editor)

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Paperback, 324 pages
ISBN: 9780520218529
March 2000
$33.95, £28.00
Why Nietzsche still? These essays by a distinguished group of contributors suggest a number of answers. They show that Nietzsche still has a great deal to say to those who read him with an eye toward developing critical responses to our present and the future that will follow. Alan D. Schrift's goal in assembling these stimulating essays, all but one of them written for the volume, is to display the multifaceted nature of Nietzsche's reflections, to demonstrate Nietzsche's relevance for contemporary reflections on the dramas of culture at the start of the third millennium, and to exhibit the range of innovative and exciting Nietzsche scholarship that is being carried out across the humanities and social sciences in the English-speaking world. Whether at the aesthetic, cultural, psychological, or political level, Nietzsche's thought clearly offers a critical focus for analyzing the ongoing dramas of culture as these dramas inform and influence what today we frame as "political."
David B. Allison
Debra B. Bergoffen
Wendy Brown
Judith Butler
Daniel W. Conway
John Burt Foster Jr.
Duncan Large
Alphonso Lingis
Jeffrey T. Nealon
David Owen
Paul Patton
Aaron Ridley
Alan D. Schrift
Gary Shapiro
Rebecca Stringer
Dana R. Villa
Alan D. Schrift, Professor of Philosophy at Grinnell College, is the author of Nietzsche's French Legacy: A Genealogy of Poststructuralism (1995) and Nietzsche and the Question of Interpretation: Between Hermeneutics and Deconstruction (1990).
“This collection will remain on my shelf as a valued reference book, as Nietzschean concepts are reviewed in comprehensive, but not tedious, detail. . . . Overall, I highly recommend this rich collection for scholars with either cursory or more specialized knowledge of Nietzsche.”—Jennifer Marson Williams, Purdue University Stds In Twentieth And Twenty-First Century Literature/ St & Tlc
"This anthology transgresses disciplinary boundaries (happily!), moving freely from issues conventionally framed by discourses in the humanities to those framed in the social and even the biological sciences."—Bernd Magnus, author of Nietzsche's Existential Imperative

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