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Japanese for Sinologists

A Reading Primer with Glossaries and Translations

Joshua A. Fogel (Author), Fumiko Joo (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 432 pages
ISBN: 9780520284395
July 2017
$69.95, £54.00
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For many years it has been known that scholars of Chinese history and culture must keep abreast of scholarship in Japan, but the great majority have found that to be difficult. Japanese for Sinologists is the first textbook dedicated to helping Sinologists learn to read scholarly Japanese writing on China. It includes essays by eminent scholars, vocabulary lists with romanizations, English translations, grammar notes, and a wealth of general information not easily available anywhere.
The reader will be introduced to a wide panoply of famed Sinologists and their writing styles. The first chapters introduce some basic information on dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other resources for research on China in Japanese materials, including a list of names and terms from Chinese political, historical, and cultural events. The chapters cover a range of topics and time periods and highlight authors, all well-known Japanese scholars, with an appendix of English translations of all the articles. After completing this book, the user will be able to begin his or her own reading in Japanese Sinology without the extensive apparatus this volume supplies.  

1. Translation Tables for Sinologists
a. Chinese Historical Eras
b. Selected Chinese Place Names
c. Historical Proper Nouns (through 1949)

2. Japanese Dictionaries Aimed at Sinologists

3. Oshima Toshikazu, “Qiu Jin”

4. Ono Kazuko, “Introduction: A History of Research on the Donglin Party”

5. Takeuchi Yoshimi, “Issues in Our View of Sun Yat-sen” 67

6. Shimada Kenji, “The Commoner Nature of Culture in the Ming Period”

7. Miyazaki Ichisada, “Was the Jingchu 4 Mirror a Product of the Daifang Commandery?”

8. Yoshikawa Kojiro
a. “Du Fu: A Personal Account”
b. “First Year of the Xiantian Era”

9. Niida Noboru, “Fengjian and Feudalism in Chinese Society” 265

10. Naito Konan, “Cultural Life in Modern China”

Appendix of Translations
Joshua A. Fogel is Canada Research Chair in modern Chinese history at York University. He specializes in the cultural ties between China and Japan in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His most recent book is Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creation of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations.
Fumiko Joo is Assistant Professor of Asian Studies in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures at Mississippi State University.
"Japanese for Sinologists is an essential resource brimming with useful information for the aspiring scholar of China who seeks to read Japanese. Most of the sample texts are from the writings of giants of a former generation, which means the book has the salutary effect of introducing the reader to these important scholars in their original language. It also serves as a guide to reference materials, both on paper and online."—Tobie Meyer-Fong, Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University, and editor of Late Imperial China

"This volume fulfills a crucial need for advanced training in Chinese studies. Students and scholars alike will benefit not only from the practical guidance in reading Japanese scholarship, but also from the opportunity to familiarize (or reacquaint) themselves with the writings and ideas of seminal figures in Japanese Sinology."—Richard von Glahn, author of The Economic History of China from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century

"Japanese scholarship is essential for the study of Chinese history and culture. Sinologists will find this reading primer immensely helpful for acquiring the reading knowledge to gain access to such scholarship."—Wai-yee Li, author of Women and National Trauma in Late Imperial Chinese Literature

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