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Field Guide to Owls of California and the West

Hans J. Peeters (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 346 pages
ISBN: 9780520252806
October 2007
$26.95, £21.00
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Most owls are almost perfectly adapted to life in the dark. Their vaguely humanoid faces reflect the spectacular evolution of their hearing and vision, which has made flight, romance, and predation possible in the near absence of light. This accessible guide, full of intriguing anecdotes, covers all 19 species of owls occurring in North America. More than an identification guide, Field Guide to Owls of California and the West describes the biology and behavior of owls to make finding and identifying them easier and watching them more enjoyable. The guide also explores the conservation challenges that owls face and tells how owls provide insights to scientists working in fields from technology to health.

* Color plates illustrate each species

* Range maps show the western distribution of North America's owls, 14 of which occur in California

* Offers tips for finding and watching owls

* Gives information on how to design, place, and maintain nest boxes

* Describes human attitudes toward owls through history, including in Native American cultures of the West


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Hans Peeters, Professor of Biology, Zoology, and Ecology emeritus at Chabot College, is coauthor, with Pam Peeters, of Raptors of California (UC Press), with E.W. Jameson, Jr., of Mammals of California (UC Press) and author of American Hawking. His illustrations have appeared in many bird guides including The American Bird Conservancy's All the Birds of North America, Book of North American Birds, and Birds of South Asia. An award-winning painter, two of his depictions of Golden Eagles have appeared on Mexican stamps.
“An enormous amount of material packed into this book, which is compact enough to fit nicely into a jacket pocket or backpack. . . . Essential.”—Choice
“This new book will be exceptionally useful to anyone who likes owls and hopes to learn about or find them, especially in the western states.”—Birder’s World
“Exquisitely illustrated, thoroughly researched, and engagingly written . . . The owl guide many of us have been waiting for!”—Borrego Desert Center
“If you ever wanted to know everything there is to know about owls or even just a part of it, [this] is the right book at the right time. . . . Hans Peeters knows his stuff.”—Bulletin
“An accessible guide.”—Forecast
“Excellent illustrations and . . . fun to read.”—Idaho Statesman
“Informative.”—Inside Bay Area
“[Provides] fascinating insights into owls.”—Placerville Mountain Democrat
“If you are an owl-ophile, Hans Peeters’ new book will only fuel your obsession. . . . Peters is . . . an engaging and captivating writer.”—Terrain Magazine
“Unlocks the mysteries of the intriguing owl.”—The Frederick Post/Mcclatchy Newspapers
“More than just a basic field guide, here’s a comprehensive volume that explores every aspect of this very special bird and will delight both the seasoned biologist and the casual birder.”—The Watsonville Register-Pajaronian
"Hans Peeters has done it again. His stellar Field Guide to Owls of California and the West is a fitting companion to his recent, acclaimed Raptors of California. Owls is not only an excellent field guide, but also an amazing primer on owl biology and behavior. It sets a new standard and, what's more, is both a visual treat and a captivating read."—Clay Sutton, coauthor of How to Spot an Owl and other books

"An enjoyable and wonderfully illustrated companion to Raptors of California. Treating the relatively familiar Great Horned Owl and obliging Burrowing Owl with the same skill as those ghostly forest species that are rarely more than disembodied voices for most of us, this book provides keen insights on the natural history of our most mysterious group of birds and sheds light on the complex conservation issues that face many owl species."—Kimball L. Garrett, Ornithology Collections Manager, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

"This is the owl book I've been waiting for. Peeters has delivered an exquisitely illustrated, thoroughly researched, and engagingly written guide that will be as valuable to young students as it will be to seasoned biologists."—Allen Fish, Director, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

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