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This Connection of Everyone with Lungs


Juliana Spahr (Author)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 86 pages
ISBN: 9780520242951
April 2005
$26.95, £21.00
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Part planetary love poem, part 24/7 news flash, the hypnotic poems of This Connection of Everyone with Lungs wrap with equal, angular grace around lovers and battleships. These poems hear the tracer fire in a bird's song and capture cell division and troop deployments in the same expansive thought. They move through concentric levels of association and embrace —from the space between the hands to the mesosphere and back again—touching everything in between. The book's focus shifts between local and global, public and private, individual and social. Everything gets in: through all five senses, through windows, between your sheets, under your skin.

Poem Written after September 11, 2001
Poem Written from November 30, 2002, to March 27, 2003
Juliana Spahr is a poet, critic, and editor. Among her books of poems are Fuck You—Aloha—I Love You and Response, winner of the National Poetry Series Award. She coedits the international arts journal Chain with Jena Osman.
“Spahr's sprawling paean to humankind is by turns spiritual and political, philosophical and practical. Few books attempt this sort of range, and fewer still succeed as dramatically as does this one. No corner of the globe is left unexplored in this ambitious, emotionally-generous exhortation for Homo sapiens to become a more fully realized species. Those who worry that contemporary poetry has lowered its sights from the peaks of previous epochs—opting for form and technique over the grandeur of the human imagination—can read this book and be heartened.”—Seth Abramson Huffington Post
“Juliana Spahr has moved away from her previous immersion in predictable language poetry to write about he reality of a nation after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. In long prose-poem sequences, Spahr approaches a now overly addressed topic in a surprising manner.”—Ray Gonzalez Bloomsbury Review
“In long prose-poem sequences, Spahr approaches a now overly addressed topic [September 11] in a surprising manner. She succeeds in blending emotional reactions to the attack with political tracts on American imperialism, using form and language to revitalize the debate. With a poet’s touch, she takes the reader on a breathless litany of lists, images, and nightmare visions that somehow, in their rapid horror, lead to salvation and hope for the future.”—Ray Gonzalez Bloomsbury Review
“Innovative, incantatory, politically charged and decidedly accessible.”—Publishers Weekly
"In a time of war, dirty air, missile worship when all oracles seem silenced, from every eco-lyric pore these fine auroras of This Connection of Everyone With Lungs have been streaming. Registering 9/11 as cellular rupture, this is a work of full globality which redeems our time, makes us remember all that poetry is capable of as form, frame, syntax linking air, earth, lung; what Emerson meant by lyric language as nothing less than externalization of planet's soul."—Rob Wilson, author of Waking in Seoul

"By listing, by naming, the atrocities—the harrowing stats, the scary particulars—in our world-at-endless-war—we might at least exert control over our sanity and extend our mind and compassion to others. It is a connected universe as Spahr so forcefully and powerfully reminds us. This Connection of Everyone with Lungs is a sustained and anaphoric meditation, a catharsis for our predicament."—Anne Waldman

O.B. Hardison, Jr. Poetry Prize, Folger Poetry program of the Folger Shakespeare Library

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