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Stoic Studies

A. A. Long (Author)

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Paperback, 325 pages
ISBN: 9780520229747
August 2001
$33.95, £28.00
For the past three decades A. A. Long has been at the forefront of research in Hellenistic philosophy. In this book he assembles a dozen articles on Stoicism previously published in journals and conference proceedings. The collection is biased in favour of Professor Long's more recent studies of Stoicism and is focused on three themes: the Stoics' interpretation of their intellectual tradition, their ethics and their psychology. The contents of the book reflect the peculiarly holistic and systematic features of Stoicism. The papers are printed here in their original form for the most part, but the author has made some minor corrections and stylistic or bibliographical changes. He has also added a postscript to three papers whose topics have been the subject of much discussion during the years since they first appeared.
A. A. Long is Irving Stone Professor of Literature in the Department of Classics at the University of California, Berkeley. His earlier works include Hellenistic Philosophy: Stoics, Epicureans, Sceptics (California, second edition 1986) and, in collaboration with John Dillon, The Question of Eclecticism: Studies in Later Greek Philosophy (California, 1988).
"Long's discussions enjoy consistently thorough contextualization; psychology cannot be understood without natural philosophy, nor dialectic without ethics, and Long's case studies show both that and how that is the case, in persuasive detail and with enviable clarity. The pieces fall into three subject areas: intellectual and cultural inheritance, ethics, and psychology."—Catherine Atherton, New College, Oxford

"A. A. Long's Stoic Studies does far more than bring together a set of important papers on Stoicism. Read together, the papers in this collection paint two pictures. One is of the author and his broad-minded pursuit of an intellectual 'fascination,' a pursuit carried out with historical and literary rigour as well as considerable philosophical ingenuity. The other is of the Stoic school itself, emerging from a passion for Socratic arguments... It is a long and remarkably rich philosophical history, and Tony Long has done a very great deal to help others feel its fascination."—Brad Inwood, University of Toronto

"Long writes in a lucid, engaging way, even when treating difficult subjects or referring to complex scholarly and philosophical debates. He has a special gift for combining, in thirty pages or so, an illuminating survey of a topic with at least one sustained analysis of a key text or theory. As a result, this collection has a coherence and internal development that makes it comparable with a good monograph."—Christopher Gill, University of Exeter

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