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A History of the Habsburg Empire, 1526-1918

Robert A. Kann (Author)

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Paperback, 664 pages
ISBN: 9780520042063
November 1980
$33.95, £28.00
"An impressive achievement in a task of extraordinary difficulty...The outstanding asset of this work does not consist in in its comprehensiveness and objectivity, however, nor even in the wide knowledge and special expertise Kann can bring to bear from his early legal training, his formidable scholarship on the nationalities question, and his keen critical appreciation of the diverse cultures of the monarchy. Its greatest merit derives from the author's determination always to ask fundamental questions, his care to discriminate between surface phenomena and deeper causes, his skill in finding significant patterns in an apparently chaotic welter of events, his facility for perceptive and penetrating distinctions and generalizations. In short, he tried with considerable success to tell what really happened in history rather than simply what obviously happened."—Canadian Historical Review

I. Toward the Union of the Habsburg Lands
II. Turks and Protestants (1526-1648)
III. An Empire Evolves and Asserts Itself (1648-1748)
IV. Late Renaissance and Baroque Age in the Habsburg Lands (1526-1740)
V. An Empire Reasserts Itself (1740-1815)
VI. Standstill, Decline and Stabilization (1815-1879)
VII. Cultural Trends from Late Englightenment to Liberalism (from mid-eighteenth century to the 1860's)
VIII. Decline and Discord (1879-1914)
IX. World War and Dissolution (1914-1918)
X. New Beginnings: Cultural Trends from the 1860's to 1918
XI. Bibliographical Essay


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