UC Publications in Zoology

University of California Publications in Zoology is a monographic series devoted to zoological studies. Although the series has traditionally emphasized systematics, behavior, and natural history, submissions from other areas such as evolution, population genetics, and functional morphology are encouraged.

This series is now complete. The following volumes are in print, but no further volumes will be issued.

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A Checklist of Host-Parasite Interactions of the Order Crocodylia

Marisa Tellez
UC Publications in Zoology, 136
$65.00, £50.00 Paperback
August 2013

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The Quintessential Naturalist: Honoring the Life and Legacy of Oliver P. Pearson

Edited by Douglas A. Kelt, Enrique P. Lessa, Jorge Salazar-Bravo, James L. Patton
UC Publications in Zoology, 134
$99.95, £77.00 Paperback
July 2007

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Mammalian Diversification: From Chromosomes to Phylogeography

Edited by Eileen A. Lacey, Philip Myers
UC Publications in Zoology, 133
$73.95, £57.00 Paperback
February 2006

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$36.95, £29.00 Paperback
January 2003

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$36.95, £29.00 Paperback
April 1996

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The Evolutionary Dynamics of the Pocket Gopher Thomomys bottae, with Emphasis on California Populations

James L. Patton, Margaret F. Smith
UC Publications in Zoology, 123
$31.95, £25.00 Paperback
October 1990