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Hip Hop Studies Series

H. Samy Alim and Jeff Chang, Series Editors

The University of California Press’s Hip Hop Studies Series represents a landmark moment in scholarly work on Hip Hop Culture. The series publishes critical, accessible books by innovative thinkers exploring Hip Hop’s cultural, musical, social, and political impact around the world—from Los Angeles to London to Lagos and all points beyond and in between. International and interdisciplinary in scope, we welcome authors who seek to engage, challenge, and extend the central theoretical and methodological debates in Hip Hop Studies, research, and scholarship. Like Hip Hop Culture itself, the series advances original, creative, public-facing, social justice-oriented, intellectual work.

Editorial Board:
H. Samy Alim, University of California, Los Angeles

Jeff Chang, Stanford University

Adam Haupt, University of Cape Town

Joan Morgan, New York University

Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University

Marc Lamont Hill, Temple University

Tricia Rose, Brown University

Cheryl L. Keyes, University of California, Los Angeles

Submission process:
Those interested in submitting to the series should send a proposal, a CV, and a writing sample, preferably from the book project, to H. Samy Alim, Jeff Chang, or LeKeisha Hughes.