California Natural History Guides

From deserts and grasslands to glaciers and the spectacular Pacific coast, California is a naturalist's paradise. The authors of the California Natural History Guides have walked into wildfires, plunged into sharkinfested waters, scaled the Sierra Nevada, peeked under rocks, and gazed into the sky to present the most extensive California environmental education series in existence. Packed with photographs and illustrations and compact enough to take on the trail, they are essential reading for any California adventurer.

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The Natural World of the California Indians

Robert F. Heizer, Albert B. Elsasser
California Natural History Guides, 46
$23.95, £18.99 Paperback
January 1981

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California Insects

Jerry A. Powell, Charles L. Hogue
California Natural History Guides, 44
$28.95, £23.00 Paperback
September 1980

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Edible and Useful Plants of California

Charlotte Bringle Clarke
California Natural History Guides, 41
$26.95, £21.00 Paperback
February 1978

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Grasses in California

Beecher Crampton
California Natural History Guides, 33
$20.95, £16.99 Paperback
June 1974

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Native Shrubs of Southern California

Peter H. Raven
California Natural History Guides, 15
$24.95, £20.00 Paperback
February 1966

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Early Uses of California Plants

Edward K. Balls
California Natural History Guides, 10
$17.95, £13.99 Paperback
October 1962