Ancient Philosophies

Created especially for students, this series of introductory books on the schools of ancient philosophy offers a clear yet rigorous presentation of core ideas. Designed to lay the foundation for a thorough understanding of their subjects, these fresh and engaging books are compact and reasonably priced, with illustrative texts in translation.

This series is now complete. The following volumes are in print, but no further volumes will be issued.

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Paul R. Goldin
Ancient Philosophies, 9
$28.95 Paperback
March 2011

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Andrew Mason
Ancient Philosophies, 8
$34.95 Paperback
May 2010

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Tim O'Keefe
Ancient Philosophies, 7
$34.95 Paperback
December 2009

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The Ancient Commentators on Plato and Aristotle

Miira Tuominen
Ancient Philosophies, 6
$34.95 Paperback
June 2009

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Ancient Scepticism

Harald Thorsrud
Ancient Philosophies, 5
$34.95 Paperback
March 2009

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Pauliina Remes
Ancient Philosophies, 4
$26.95 Paperback
November 2008

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William Desmond
Ancient Philosophies, 3
$28.95 Paperback
October 2008

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Presocratics: Natural Philosophers before Socrates

James Warren
Ancient Philosophies, 2
$34.95 Paperback
August 2007

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John Sellars
Ancient Philosophies, 1
$34.95 Paperback
July 2006