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Law in the Public Square

This series consists concise and original works on the intersection of law and the most pressing public issues of the day. These books are provocative discussions by leading legal thinkers on what the law says about an issue, what it doesn't say, and what it should say. We encourage authors to think broadly about how the legal framework bends and changes in response to current issues. The series won't follow any formula, but rather allow these thinkers to address these issues from their own viewpoint and expertise. What are the cutting edge issues? Where are the places in which there is a disjuncture between established law and the pace of change? Tackling topics ranging from bioethics, technology, the Constitution, the Second Amendment, privacy, civil liberties, free speech, immigration, energy, gender identity, race and inequality—these books speak to a broad, eclectic audience engaged with contemporary social issues.

Editor, Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law

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