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Defining Moments in Photography

In focused case studies, this series redefines key works in photography's rich global history by introducing new points of view and pairing different critical voices. Each volume comprises two essays by authors from different disciplines, providing lively, complementary, and often competing perspectives about a shared body of photographs. Offering original and rigorous scholarship, the books are written in highly accessible prose and appeal to scholars of photography, students in the classroom, and general readers alike. Together, the volumes in this series take a fresh and bold look at images that have been acknowledged as defining works and also those that have remained obscured or forgotten by time's passing.

Anthony W. Lee, Series Editor

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Weegee and Naked City by Anthony W. Lee, Richard W. Meyer

Weegee and Naked City

  • by Anthony W. Lee (Author), Richard W. Meyer (Author)
  • April 2008
  • Paperback $29.95, £25.00
Muybridge and Mobility by Tim Cresswell, John Ott

Muybridge and Mobility

  • by Tim Cresswell (Author), John Ott (Author)
  • March 2022
  • Paperback $27.95, £24.00|
    Hardcover $95.00,  £80.00|
    eBook $27.95,  £24.00
Lynching Photographs by Dora Apel, Shawn Michelle Smith

Lynching Photographs

  • by Dora Apel (Author), Shawn Michelle Smith (Author)
  • January 2008
  • Paperback $28.95, £25.00