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The Digital Jepson Manual

Vascular Plants of California, Thoroughly Revised and Expanded

Bruce G. Baldwin (Editor), Douglas Goldman (Editor), David J Keil (Editor), Robert Patterson (Editor), Thomas J. Rosatti (Editor), Dieter Wilken (Editor) & 1 more

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The second edition of The Jepson Manual thoroughly updates this acclaimed work, the single most comprehensive resource on California's amazingly diverse flora. This work integrates the latest science, the results of intensive fieldwork, institutional collaboration, and the efforts of hundreds of contributing authors into an essential reference on California's native and naturalized vascular plants.

For the first time, the University of California Press is offering this resource as an e-book. The Digital Jepson Manual provides an unparalleled new level of interactivity, portability, and convenience. Extensive linking and e-book–friendly illustrations make it easier for users to learn about plant characteristics and identify the native and naturalized plants of California—all in a format ideally suited for use in the field. Using readily available e-book readers, field researchers, students, and enthusiasts can click on links to rapidly navigate through keys to families, genera, species, and subspecies or varieties. Specific features of The Digital Jepson Manual include the following:

—Keys link forward and backward to other taxonomic levels.

—Plate references in taxonomic treatments link to plates for rapid reference.

—Plate captions link to taxonomic treatments.

—Individual taxon figures appear next to species descriptions, and full plates are gathered in a special section.

—Glossary terms link to any relevant illustrations.

—List of families links each family to its taxonomic treatment.

—Index is fully linked to taxonomic treatments.
Bruce G. Baldwin is Curator of the Jepson Herbarium and Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. Douglas H. Goldman is Herbarium Associate at the Harvard University Herbaria. David J. Keil is Professor Emeritus and Director of the Robert F. Hoover Herbarium at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.Robert W. Patterson is Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University. Thomas J. Rosatti is Specialist at the University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley. Dieter H. Wilken is Director of Conservation at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.
“California’s extraordinary flora is described in contemporary detail in this handy volume, which should prove an inspiration to all of those interested in these plants, their habitats, and their importance to a state richer in botanical diversity than any other part of the United States. This is a thorough revision of an indispensable book.”—Peter H. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden

“This second edition of The Jepson Manual is a monumental achievement! Far more than a simple update, the book has gone through a thorough revision, making it a must-have book for California plant enthusiasts—professional and lay alike."—Lucinda McDade, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

“Biogeographers, vegetation ecologists, and practitioners of conservation and restoration will all welcome the second edition of the Jepson Manual. Many improvements in this second edition include major taxonomic name changes, more information on habitat/range/phenology, better keys, and new illustrations. The second edition is more user-friendly, accurate, and scientifically rigorous. And these improvements are exactly the kind of recent, authoritative, and trusted flora needed.”—Michael G. Barbour, University of California, Davis

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