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Growing California Native Plants, Second Edition

Expanded and Updated

Marjorie G. Schmidt (Author), Katherine Greenberg (Author), Beth Merrick (Illustrator)

Available worldwide

Paperback, 296 pages
ISBN: 9780520266698
March 2012
$28.95, £23.95
First published thirty years ago, the long-awaited second edition of Growing California Native Plants is the ideal hands-on native plant guide for both experienced and novice gardeners. In addition to the voluminous knowledge contributed by Marjorie G. Schmidt, now deceased, Katherine L. Greenberg has taken note of the vibrant state of today’s horticultural scene, adding plants and ideas that were little known when the book first appeared. Lavishly illustrated with 200 new color photographs, drawings, maps, and charts, this concise and easy-to-use reference covers trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, grasses, and vines, and includes a plant selection guide for quick reference. The authors, whose combined experience spans six decades, take California’s summer-dry climate and restricted water supplies into account and provide helpful notes on companion plants and gardening with wildlife. Practical and informative, Growing California Native Plants is a valuable reference for gardeners everywhere in California and an enjoyable book simply to explore.
Marjorie G. Schmidt was a gardener and a writer for Fremontia, the journal of the California Native Plant Society. Katherine L. Greenberg, a gardener and designer with a special interest in California native plants, has served as president of the Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, the Mediterranean Garden Society, and Pacific Horticulture Society
“This new version is just as wonderful as the original and easy to use. It includes plants not in the first edition as well as options for companion plants. This small book has the look and feel of a guidebook that can be easily transported while working in the garden or out hiking in the many open spaces that are in bloom with our beloved native plants.”—Contra Costa Times
“Gardener and designer Katherine L. Greenberg retooled this 30-year-old book by the late Marjorie G. Smith into an easy-to-use guide for novices and experienced gardeners. Through colorful photos, maps, lists and charts, the authors make a case for the 6,300 species and subspecies - trees, grasses, perennials and annuals - that thrive west of the Sierra. Plants include drought-tolerant varieties as well as moisture dwellers from meadows, streams and woodlands that can thrive in home gardens with similar conditions.”—San Francisco Chronicle

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