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People on the Move

An Atlas of Migration

Russell King (Author)

Not available in British Common; Available in Canada

Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN: 9780520261518
August 2010
Now, and in the past, migration has provided millions with an escape route from poverty, oppression, and conflict of all kinds. Through full-color maps, graphs, and photographs, People on the Move distills a vast amount of information as it explores the ways in which humans have spread around the world, adapted to new realities, and shaped their destinations. From the history of migration to contemporary global patterns, this concise atlas illuminates a wide range of topics in a crisp, accessible text—including refugees and asylum seekers, diasporas, remittances, the brain drain, trafficking, students, retirement, return migration, and much more. Full-color maps of regions, countries, and continents vividly display trends, issues, and processes at a glance, giving a richly detailed picture of human mobility.
Russell King is Co-Director of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research and Professor of the Geography Department at the University of Sussex. His previous books include Mass Migration in Europe, and The History of Human Migration.
“An atlas that gives shape and meaning to the dense study of statistics of population movement.”—Choice
“This volume’s treatment of contemporary migration patterns and issues provides intriguing starting points for further research. Suitable for public and undergraduate libraries.”—Elaine Lindstrom Booklist
“This accessible resource for researchers and general audiences alike covers a wide range of topics and examines mass migrations, particularly the motivations behind them and, ultimately, their impact on the modern world.”—Choice
“The history of migration is made up of refugees, asylum seekers, diasporas, remittances, brain drains, trafficking, students, retirement, and returns, all of it addressed by British geographer King and several other experts in the field in an informative and readable text, illuminated by an array of full-colour maps, graphs, and photographs.”—Toronto Globe & Mail

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