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Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras of California

David Ebert (Author), Mathew D. Squillante (Illustrator)

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Paperback, 297 pages
ISBN: 9780520234840
May 2003
$26.95, £22.00
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This guide is the only complete reference to the sharks, rays, and chimaeras found in California's waters— from the intertidal zone to 500 miles offshore.

Species accounts give information on habitat and range, natural history, interactions with humans, nomenclature, and further references

68 beautiful color illustrations show each shark, ray, and chimaera; accompanying line drawings highlight differences in teeth, underside of the head, and egg cases

Includes information on the California marine environment, ecology and conservation, and shark biology
David A. Ebert is Program Manager of the Pacific Shark Research Center at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and author of Guide to the Sharks and Rays of Southern Africa (1989, with L.J.V. Comapagno and M.J. Smale).
"A compact and indispensable guide to our state’s cartilaginous fishes. Many small details such as color tabs for each order, an egg case identification key, a glossary, scientific references, and notes on natural history and human interaction make this work a useful tool for all cartilaginous fish investigators. It’s easily held in one hand, fits in a jacket pocket, and maintains readability even after an occasional ocean dunking. . . . Ebert’s history of California ichthyology and his thorough handling of sharks, rays and chimaeras make this work much more than a simple natural history guide. In my experience, it is worth reading cover to cover and delivers insight with the turn of each page."—Tom Tucker California Wild
"More comprehensive than a field guide yet more portable and rugged than a reference book, this little volume is made to go on a boat—not to be left sitting on a shelf in the office—and would prove valuable to fishers, fisheries scientists, students of ichthyology, and those generally interested in this fascinating group. . . . Highly recommended."—S. G. Tolley Choice: Current Reviews For Academic Libraries
"[a]n exceptionally comprehensive field guide"—Robert Francis High Tides
“An excellent 304 page pocket guide.”—Bob Walch Monterey County-Herald
“A prize.”—George H. Burgess The Quarterly Review Of Biology
"Ebert has herein assembled an enormous body of knowledge about California's 43 shark species ranging from shark and human behavior to taxonomic minutiae, along with up-to-date explanations of their ecology, status and fisheries. More importantly, his Herculean effort includes the often-overlooked 25 species of skates, rays and chimaeras. That, along with the fine illustrations of Mat Squillante, should answer any question that a student, diver, natural history buff, or recreational or commercial fisher might ask."—John E. McCosker, coauthor of Great White Shark

"The timing of this publication is ideal given the status of some of California's elasmobranch populations and the need for a deeper understanding of their biology, ecology, and fishery management. The book is a comprehensive treatment—if one wants to find out the latest information on any species of shark or ray off California, this is the place to go. An outstanding work!"—Gregor M. Cailliet, Professor, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and Director, Pacific Shark Research Center

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