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Inland Fishes of California

Revised and Expanded

Peter B. Moyle (Author), Chris van Dyk (Illustrator), Joe Tomelleri (Illustrator)

Available worldwide

Hardcover, 517 pages
ISBN: 9780520227545
May 2002
$84.00, £69.95
When the first edition of Inland Fishes of California was published in 1976, it was a benchmark reference. Since that time, our knowledge of California's freshwater fishes has dramatically increased. This completely revised edition incorporates a vast amount of new information and creates a fresh synthesis of the historical data. Written by the leading expert on California's freshwater fishes and illustrated with beautiful line drawings, this compendium is the single best source for understanding and identifying the state's freshwater fishes. It is an essential resource for anyone who needs to have accurate and detailed information on California's fishes at their fingertips.

Since the 1870s, the state's native fishes have been joined by thirty-four alien species, which now dominate many bodies of water. This book treats both native and introduced species, first in a key for identification, and then in individual species accounts covering characteristics, taxonomy, names, distribution, and life history. Each account includes the author's personal assessment of how well the species is doing and problems associated with its management. Most of the native fishes are found only in California and show many wonderful adaptations for living in the state's diverse waters. Unfortunately, many are also in danger of extinction.

The message underlying the first edition of this book was that we knew astonishingly little about many of California's inland fishes. Although our knowledge is increasing, full accounts of some native fishes may not be complete before they become extinct. Preventing the loss of native fishes is the major goal of this book, and Moyle makes important suggestions for conservation strategies as well as presenting up-to-date information on ecology, life history, and distribution. With this knowledge, preserving our native fishes becomes possible even in the face of the state's growing economy and population.
Conversion factors
Distribution patterns
A conservation strategy
Key to the Inland Fishes of California
Bullhead catfishes,Ictaluridae
Salmon and trout,Salmonidae
Color plates follow page
Striped basses,Moronidae
Peter B. Moyle is Professor of Fish Biology at the University of California, Davis; author of Fish: An Enthusiast's Guide (California 1993); and coauthor of Fishes: An Introduction to Ichthyology (4th edition, 2000), Methods for Fish Biology (1990), and Distribution and Ecology of Stream Fishes of the Sacramento—San Joaquin Drainage System, California (1982).
“Required reading for anyone, from laymen to scientists, interested in western fishes and environmental conservation.”—James F. Labounty Fisheries
"This is an authoritative and broad survey on the fishes inhabiting California's inland waters. Professionals and amateurs will find valuable information on the ecology of California's six major drainages and the 132 fish species, both native and exotic, that call them home. Population distributions, life histories, social behavior, and feeding habits are all meticulously examined…. At the same time, Moyle highlights those critical differences that make each species indispensable and worthy of protection…. Moyle includes excellent species-specific illustrations."—California Wild

"Western freshwater fishes provide interesting and difficult problems in taxonomy, evolutionary biology and conservation ecology. Moyle's timely revision of Inland Fishes of California addresses these issues and provides a wealth of information on the fishes of California. As expected of Professor Moyle, the book is also a status report on the state's native fishes and an eloquent plea to reduce the losses. It will, no doubt, be required reading for anyone interested in western fishes or aquatic conservation."—Douglas F. Markle, Oregon State University

"Publication of this work has long been anticipated and will be welcomed by a wide audience in California and elsewhere. It will provide, as did the first edition, a base-line from which an array of people from laymen to scientists will benefit."—W.L. Minckley, co-editor of Battle Against Extinction: Native Fish Management in the American West

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