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Agricultural Involution

The Processes of Ecological Change in Indonesia

Clifford Geertz (Author)

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Paperback, 196 pages
ISBN: 9780520004597
December 1969
$29.95, £24.00
"A remarkably interesting account of Indonesian agricultural history, primarily covering the period of Dutch control, from 1619 to 1942. Drawing on ecology, sociology, and economics, Geertz...provides an insightful and persuasive analysis."—The Annals

"If colonial geography ever succeeds in establishing itself as a discrete and integral focus of inquiry, it may well date its majority to the publication of Agricultural Involution."—Geographical Record

"A brilliant and superbly written incisive, even frightening description of the most crucial dilemma in contemporary Indonesia."—Agricultural History

"A valuable and important which source materials from history, economics, soil science, geography and other fields are brilliantly marshalled and interrelated. But besides being an exemplary study in the interaction of history, physical environment and agricultural technology, this book represents a watershed between narrowly conceived ethnographies and the flood of verbose and ill digested post-war 'technology-and-social-change' monographs that are wont to aim high and hit wide...A model of comparative analytical writing."—Man

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