Welcome to University of California Press

We are thrilled to be your publisher and look forward to collaborating with you to get the word out about your book. We have created the University of California Press Author Toolkit to help you understand how you can partner with us to promote your work.

How to Use Your Author Toolkit

In the age of social media and digital communication, you can be one of the best marketers for your book. You know your content. You know your audience. There is no publisher, marketer, or publicist in the world who can trump your ability to connect with your readers in a genuine and meaningful way.

On this site you can learn:

  • how to attract and engage the target audience for your book
  • how to grow your readership by participating in social media
  • how to tap into your networks to promote your work

This site will help you make the best use of the following tools:

  • Online marketing, including listservs, blogs, and Amazon Author Central
  • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads

We are here to help you. Please contact your marketing manager if you have questions related to this site or the press’s promotional plans for your book.

The Evolving Nature of Book Marketing

The meteoric rise of online and social media marketing is a response to the new ways people locate and share information. Publishers are shifting their marketing strategies toward these new modes of communication. Scholarship has never been more discoverable than it is today.

Gone are the days of postcards and mailers, as email and social media campaigns offer the most efficient and effective way to reach prospective buyers. An email is an easy and direct means of letting people know about your new book. A blog post, Facebook entry, Tweet—these announcements have the power to reach a broad audience. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have exploded over the past decade and are the new standard for keeping in touch with your networks, both professional and personal. Use these free tools to engage your colleagues, friends, and family.

Our Promotional Efforts

UC Press will craft a promotion plan tailored to your book. We know that our marketing activities have the most impact when authors work in tandem with us to promote their book to their community and to their network of colleagues and friends.

The following list describes some of the efforts undertaken by the UC Press marketing team. Specifics will be outlined in the promotion plan you receive from your marketing manager.

The Press will

  • promote your book to scholars, faculty, students, professionals, policy makers, and educated and interested readers around the world, as appropriate for your work
  • distribute your book through a range of channels, including online retailers and bookstores
  • work to secure review coverage in publications appropriate for the content of your book
  • feature your book as a dedicated web page on our website, which draws thousands of unique visitors every day
  • ensure that your book will be available in Google Book Search, one of the most effective ways to drive online book sales
  • utilize enhanced search engine optimization to ensure that your title appears at or near the top of Google search results
  • feature your book in our eNews monthly newsletter that goes out to subscribers with subject-specific and presswide new book announcements
  • submit your book for awards on your behalf
  • send your title to the relevant academic meetings attended by press staff
  • develop a targeted review list for your book and submit review copies or e-galleys to the appropriate media and review outlets

We hope you enjoy getting started and wish you great success in promoting your work.