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Ahmanson Foundation Endowment Fund in Humanities

Books supported by this Endowment Fund range in subject matter from philosophy and history to world religions and languages, and set the standard for exceptional scholarship and bookmaking in the humanities.

French Wine by Rod Phillips

French Wine: A History

  • by Rod Phillips (Author)
  • April 2020
  • Paperback $29.95, £25.00|
    Hardcover $34.95,  £30.00|
    eBook $29.95,  £25.00
Brecht at the Opera by Joy H. Calico

Brecht at the Opera

  • by Joy H. Calico (Author)
  • September 2019
  • Paperback $39.95, £34.00|
    Hardcover $85.00,  £71.00|
    eBook $49.95,  £42.00