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Cinema Cultures in Contact

Remapping film histories across borders

Edited by Richard Abel, Giorgio Bertellini, and Matthew Solomon, Cinema Cultures in Contact publishes single- or co-authored books that examine cinematic exchanges across borders through rigorous, original studies of specific instances of movement, transaction, translation, displacement, exchange, encroachment, and/or other modes of “contact” between cinemas in two or more national contexts. Books in the series are engaged with primary sources and current scholarly discourse in at least two different languages. Proposals to the series should be transnationally oriented not only in terms of subject matter, but also in terms of methodologies, references, evidence, and argumentative scope.

For submission and consideration, proposals should include a description of the book’s subject, a justification of its relationship to the series, a prospective table of contents, and two sample chapters, one of which could be a draft introduction.


For more information, please write to one of the editors:

Richard Abel:

Giorgio Bertellini:

Matthew Solomon:


Advisory Board

Nilo Couret (University of Michigan)

Manishita Dass (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

Kay Dickinson (Concordia University, Canada)

Frieda Ekotto (University of Michigan)

Aniko Imre (USC)

Rielle Navitski (University of Georgia)

Markus Nornes (University of Michigan)

Masha Salazkina (Concordia University, Canada)

Laura Isabel Serna (USC)

Johannes von Moltke (University of Michigan)

Zhen Zhang (NYU)

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