Timeline for Promotion

Before Your Book Is Published

Your book will be available for preorder approximately six months before its publication date. There are many things you can do before publication to help promote your book.

  • Talk to your marketing manager about your book’s publication date, and be sure you understand when your book will be available for sale.
  • Complete and return your Author Promotional Questionnaire to your marketing manager.
  • Develop a plan for announcing your book to your colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Define your target audience. See our guide to understanding your audience.
  • Touch base with your department chair or schedule an appointment with your university’s publicist and alert them to your forthcoming publication. Ask if your university publicity team can issue a press release about your book.
  • Make a list of professional or academic societies that will be interested in your work and share this information with your marketing manager.
  • Plan to attend important conferences during the year following your book’s release. Seek out symposia and speaking opportunities related to your book.
  • Obtain a discount flyer from your marketing manager. Print and distribute the flyer at conferences and speaking engagements.
  • Update your email signature to include information about your book. See our sample signature text for ideas.
  • Identify and become active on relevant blogs and listservs. Announce your book during your launch window. See our sample listserv announcement for ideas.
  • Check your book pages on amazon.com and ucpress.edu and confirm that the book pages contain accurate information.
  • Build an Amazon Author Central page.
  • Ramp up your social media presence or set up and use social media profiles on major sites like Facebook and Twitter. See our recommendations for using social media.
  • Consider writing an article on a popular blog or magazine on a topic related to your book. Pitch op-eds.

After Your Book Is Published

The two weeks before and after your book’s publication date are considered your prime launch window. During your launch window we recommend that you do the following:

  • Use email and Facebook to let your professional and personal community know that your book is available. Include a link to purchase a copy of your book.
  • Make sure your book is getting positive reviews at online retailer venues and on Goodreads. Consider asking colleagues to post a review of your book.
  • Connect with your network through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Post reviews and public speaking engagements to your social media profiles and on your website. Keep your marketing manager in the loop as you schedule events.
  • Find and follow blogs with content similar to your own. Enhance your author profile by replying to and commenting on posts. Be an active participant in relevant conversations.
  • Print and distribute your promotional flyer.