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UC Publications in Geological Sciences

University of California Publications in Geological Sciences is a monographic series devoted to geological studies. The series specializes in publication of long but exceptionally important specialty monographs in geology and paleobiology.

Submission Guidelines:
The Series monographs are the oldest publishing programs at University of California Press, dating back to its founding in 1893. The monographs are highly specialized book-length works. Publishing in the series is open to all qualified scholars, with or without UC affiliation; however, page charges are generally required from non-UC authors. All publications are published jointly in print and online. All manuscripts should be submitted to the chair of the series editorial boards. Members of the series editorial board jointly decide on publication after evaluating peer reviews. The editorial boards consist of tenured UC faculty. If your manuscript is approved for publication, you will need to provide digital files suitable for printing.

See these instructions for more information. If you would like to submit a paper contact the series editorial board.

Editorial Board:
Anthony D. Barnosky, Chair University of California, Berkeley
Stanley W. Awramik University of California, Santa Barbara
James A. Doyle University of California, Davis
Mary L. Droser University of California, Riverside
Peter M. Sadler University of California, Riverside

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