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Phono: Black Music and the Global Imagination

Shana L. Redmond and Tsitsi Jaji, Series Editors 

Phono: Black Music and the Global Imagination is a dynamic collection of work that explores and documents the long-playing histories of Black musical innovation. The title is a nod to the grooves, play, tactility, and archives produced by the phonograph, which serves as inspiration for a complex series of musical concerns and possibilities. The series title indexes how Black sound, performance, and musical idioms are inscribed in the acoustics of everyday Black life, both local and transnational. Interdisciplinary in its approaches, Phono features studies of various lengths that highlight the interplay of race and musical performance across time and space. The series seeks to publish bold books that interpret the music and animate its context in order to amplify the sounds of the Black world.    

Submission process:

Those interested in submitting to the series should send a proposal, a CV, and a writing sample, preferably from the book project, to Shana L. Redmond, Tsitsi Jaji, or Raina Polivka.  

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