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IJURR Studies in Urban and Social Change

The IJURR Book Series has established itself as a cornerstone in the field of global urban studies, pushing the boundaries of critical, interdisciplinary, and theory-driven urban research across the globe. As a hub for academic debate and an incubator for innovative theoretical and empirical work, the series has launched landmark titles starting with "Divided Cities" by Susan Fainstein, Ian Gordon, and Michael Harloe in 1992. It has since published 42 agenda-setting works, including "Post-Fordism: A Reader" by Ash Amin, "Worlding Cities" by Aiwa Ong and Ananya Roy, and "Comparative Urbanism" by Jennifer Robinson.

By embracing a critical, global, and comparative lens, the series' contributors have conducted rich and path-breaking empirical studies on inequality, informality, politics, environmental justice, gentrification, and segregation across diverse landscapes, from Sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil to Eastern and Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. This critical and global approach to urban studies has fostered the development of new concepts and theories, which scholars in the field have widely used. The series has highlighted the contradictory nature of cities as sites of significant inequality and as incubators for transformative cultural and political movements. Urban spaces are arenas of deep-seated injustices and drivers of transformative change.

Entering a new phase with its partnership with UC Press starting in 2024, the IJURR Book Series is set to continue shaping debates in global urban studies. By focusing on emerging themes, promoting open access, and diversifying its contributors and geographical coverage, this new chapter not only cements the series' distinguished reputation but also enhances its relevance and impact at a time when understanding urban dynamics is critical to addressing the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Series Editorial Board: 
Walter Nicholls, Editor-in-Chief
Manuel Aalbers
Talja Blokland
Dorothee Brantz
Patrick Le Galès
Jenny Robinson

Submission process: 
Please send your proposal to Series Editor-in-Chief, Walter Nicholls,

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