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Co-Opting AI

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Co-Opting AI is a series of compact books for readers to better understand the social dimension of AI. Co-opting the hype around so-called “artificial intelligence,” these short books ask bigger questions, addressing the key issues we face at the dawn of the new century: inequality and in/justice; the future of work; democracy and governance; the climate emergency; the economy; education; health; and the physical spaces we inhabit.

Bringing together forward-thinking scholars, writers, journalists, activists, and others, the books in this series consider how we can reclaim the story about technology and what it means to be a living thing on this planet. This series will be built as a unique and distinct companion to the successful conversation series of the same name, run out of the University of Virginia and NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge. Each book will start with a thematic prompt, such as “Body”, “Science”, “Diplomacy”, “Climate”, “Military”, “Language”, “Agriculture”, and so on.

Series Editor: Mona Sloane, University of Virginia, Public Books

Advisory Board:
André Brock
Danielle Citron
Nick Couldry
David Danks
Jenny L. Davis
Karen Hao
Khari Johnson
Dawn Song
Caitlin Zaloom

Submissions Process: While many Co-Opting AI books will be commissioned directly, the series also welcomes pitches. Those interested in submitting to the series should send an initial pitch (no more than 500 words) which includes both the proposed thematic prompt and how you would write about it, and a short CV or list of publications, to Mona Sloane and Michelle Lipinski.

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