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Understanding Impact

While metrics on usage and citations remain an important indication of research impact, understanding the full extent of where and how your article is used—both inside and outside of academia—remains complex and nuanced. Altmetric tracks and monitors research outputs across these non-traditional sources to record the attention your article is getting, resulting in an overall “score” based on the volume, frequency, and sources of mentions.

Altmetrics were designed to help assess an article's impact in places like:

  • Social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogs)
  • Mainstream media outlets
  • Scholarly reference managers (like Mendeley and CiteULike)
  • Wikipedia, public policy documents, and other reference sources

Alternative metrics are becoming increasingly recognized and respected by institutions, researchers, publishers, and funders alike. Optimizing your Altmetric attention will not only enable you to build your online presence, identify and engage directly with the people talking about your research, and demonstrate the broader impact of your work, but it will also increase the overall influence and reputation of the journal in which you are published.

You can learn more about Altmetrics at

How Do I Check My Altmetric Score?

Using the free Altmetric Bookmarklet, you can instantly get Altmetric details for any recent article. Visit Altmetric to install the bookmarklet in your web browser.

How Do I Improve My Altmetric Score?

In order to track your article, Altmetric needs an identifier attached to the research output (such as a DOI). Thus it is essential that you (and anyone who shares your work) include the article’s link in any online mention. Your research will not be tracked by article name and/or author name alone.

To improve your Altmetric score, begin by executing the tips and tricks detailed in Making an Impact, particularly those related to sharing your article on Kudos, social media, and blogs. If your research is picked up by a news media outlet, be sure to tell your journal editor so that the UC Press team is aware as well.