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Social Media for Editors: A Case Study

About the Journal

Launched in 2014, Feminist Media Histories (FMH) is an interdisciplinary journal that examines feminist media across a range of historical periods and global contexts. Because FMH was launched as an online only journal, developing a strong social media presence was essential to the media-focused content and online format of the journal.

About the Editor

In partnership with UC Press, the journal editor and managing editor established a simple, consistent social media strategy aimed at promoting new issues, increasing content usage, and growing followers.

Behind the Strategy

For each new issue, the FMH editors create a schedule in which each article from the latest issue is promoted for one week on the journal’s Facebook, Twitter, and website. Each post on social media contains a link to the article and a few related photos. This strategy requires one weekly post on Facebook, Twitter, and the journal website.

Social Media Highlights

  • Facebook pageviews increase by over 200% when content is posted
  • Facebook followers increase by an average of 3% per month and Twitter followers increase by an average of 15% per month (when content is posted regularly)
  • Articles posted on the journal’s social media receive significantly more shares on Facebook and Twitter—and thus have a significantly higher Altmetric score—than articles that are not posted on social media

Online Usage Highlights

  • Journal website visits increase by nearly 250% when content is posted on social media
  • Facebook is the #1 traffic referrer to the journal website
  • Article views can increase by 200%-500% (or even more) when posted on social media (one article increased from 4 views to 2,186 views after a Facebook post!)