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Organization of American Historians 2021

History at UC Press

UC Press has made its mark over decades by being at the cutting edge of new directions in social, cultural, and transnational history. We focus on issues that match our progressive mission, particularly on labor, migration, race, gender, the environment, public health, empire and resistance, criminal justice and social movements. As the world continues down paths of crises of democracy, inequality, public health, environmental degradation and mass migration, UC Press looks for crucial answers in both the deep and recent past.

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Here's what to look forward to over the next few days:

  • A note from Niels Hooper
  • Author interviews and guest posts
  • Recommended books for courses
  • And more!
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    Meet the Editor

    Although we are unable to see you in person, we'd still love for you to "stop by the booth" and meet with us virtually. Want to pitch your book? Come prepared with clear statements of your argument, your audience, and why you want to write this book.

    Niels Hooper - History, American Studies, Middle East Studies

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    View more History titles from UC Press

    Never-Ending War on Terror by Alex Lubin

    Never-Ending War on Terror

    • by Alex Lubin (Author)
    • January 2021
    • Paperback $18.95, £15.99|
      Hardcover $85.00,  £70.00|
      eBook $18.95,  £15.99
    A People's Guide to Greater Boston by Joseph Nevins, Suren Moodliar, Eleni Macrakis

    A People's Guide to Greater Boston

    • by Joseph Nevins (Author), Suren Moodliar (Author), Eleni Macrakis (Author)
    • July 2020
    • Paperback $24.95, £21.00|
      eBook $24.95,  £21.00