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The People Who Made California California

Celebrate California’s radical, multiracial histories with these new books.

We Are the Land is the first and most comprehensive book of its kind, centering California’s history around the lives and legacies of the Indigenous people who shaped it before European colonization to the persistence and activism of present-day California Indians.

Boyle Heights is a history of the neighborhood from early contact between Spanish colonizers and native Californians to the internment of Japanese Americans to negotiating citizenship and belonging among Latino migrants and Mexican American residents, and beyond.

Not Yo' Butterfly is the unflinching life story of Nobuko Miyamoto—artist, activist, and mother. Beginning with the harrowing early years of her life as a Japanese American child during World War II to the 1992 Rodney King riots, when she used art to create interracial solidarity.

Upcoming Events:

April 22 — We Are the Land at Skylight Books

May 20 — We Are the Land at Chevalier’s Books

May 27 — Boyle Heights at Zócalo Public Square

June 8 — Boyle Heights at Skirball Cultural Center

June 15 — Not Yo' Butterfly at Chevalier’s Books

July 10 — Not Yo' Butterfly at the Japanese American National Museum

July 19 — Not Yo' Butterfly at Skylight Books