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American Musicological Society 2020

Musicology at UC Press

The music list at UC Press is considered one of the most prestigious and pioneering in academic publishing. It has long been considered the place where new paradigms emerge, such as New Musicology, and has distinguished itself as the model for engaged scholarship that explores music in the context of social issues of various kinds across the classical canon, and in the fields of opera, jazz, American music, and contemporary music.

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    Raina Polivka, Editor - Music, Cinema, Media Studies

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    19th-Century Music Music Perception Representations Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture
    Beethoven, A Life by Jan Caeyers

    Beethoven, A Life

    • by Jan Caeyers (Author)
    • September 2020
    • Hardcover $34.95,  £29.00
    Brecht at the Opera by Joy H. Calico

    Brecht at the Opera

    • by Joy H. Calico (Author)
    • September 2019
    • Paperback $39.95, £33.00|
      Hardcover $85.00,  £70.00