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American Alliance of Museums 2021

Art at UC Press

The University of California Press is an award-winning publisher of scholarly and trade titles on art and visual culture. With a long tradition of publishing on American art, the press cultivates authors who challenge previously established boundaries in the field, amplify the voices of understudied artists, and forge new methods of studying visual culture, especially through transnational scholarship. Designed to drive change and give voice, reach, and impact to the brightest minds, our titles range from lavishly-illustrated scholarly studies, important primary source anthologies, and exhibition catalogs co-published in partnership with major museums across the nation. The art list features books that are in conversation with the deeply interdisciplinary lists at UC Press as a whole, and together, they better enable us to understand the place of visual culture in the world.

Meet the Editor

Although we are unable to see you in person, we'd still love meet to meet with you virtually to discuss your book project and exchange ideas around museums and cultural institutions. Arts Editor Archna Patel is taking 20 minute meetings. Learn more about what Archna is interested in publishing and schedule a meeting.

Save 40% on UC Press Books

Enter conference discount code 20E7231. New and notable titles are listed below, and the discount is good for all Art titles.

Warhol and the West by heather ahtone, Faith Brower, Seth Hopkins

Warhol and the West

  • by heather ahtone (Author), Faith Brower (Author), Seth Hopkins (Author)
  • August 2019
  • Hardcover $24.95,  £21.00