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American Association of Geographers 2022

Geography at University of California Press is highly interdisciplinary, and our publishing program extends across fields from environmental studies on the one hand to physical geography on the other, from studies of space and place to urban histories and geographies. We invite you you to explore our virtual exhibit to save 40% on all featured titles.

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UC Press Journals

Case Studies in the Environment
A People's Guide to Orange County by Elaine Lewinnek, Gustavo Arellano, Thuy Vo Dang

A People's Guide to Orange County

  • by Elaine Lewinnek (Author), Gustavo Arellano (Author), Thuy Vo Dang (Author)
  • January 2022
  • Paperback $24.95, £20.00|
    eBook $24.95,  £20.00
A People's Guide to New York City by Carolina Bank Muñoz, Penny Lewis, Emily Tumpson Molina

A People's Guide to New York City

  • by Carolina Bank Muñoz (Author), Penny Lewis (Author), Emily Tumpson Molina (Author)
  • January 2022
  • Paperback $24.95, £20.00|
    eBook $24.95,  £20.00
Atlas of Yellowstone by W. Andrew Marcus, James E. Meacham, Ann W. Rodman, Alethea Y. Steingisser

Atlas of Yellowstone: Second Edition

  • by W. Andrew Marcus (Author), James E. Meacham (Author), Ann W. Rodman (Author), Alethea Y. Steingisser (Author)
  • January 2022
  • Hardcover $65.00,  £50.00|
    eBook $65.00,  £50.00